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 PS3 - Warhawk

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PostSubject: PS3 - Warhawk   Thu Apr 10, 2008 8:34 pm

I wanted to state my experience of this game I had yesterday.

Actually, I finally made my PS Network "works" (freaking network parameters, this is so unbelievable) and I had the honour to enjoy a few races of GT prologue but also I bought some songs for Singstar (nice one with microphones, my friends love it !) and I finally decided to test Warhawk, a game my brother gave me.

Basically, this game is only playable online. This looks like a lot Battlefield-based games, where cooperation, vehicles and weapons are mixed. So you can drive different vehicles, from jeeps, tanks to bizarre fighter planes, ...

You have a lots of weapons available, but you don't choose a particular class of soldier. Instead, there are weapons laying on floor at different locations and you have to pick them to be able to use them. You can also carry all weapons available, which make you a super soldier, if you have to occasion.

For automatic rifles, the target-system is automatic, since you play on a PS3, not a computer, thus you have no mouse nor keyboard to be very smooth and precise. This is really beautiful, graphically speaking, even if the soldiers are all the same.

One of the cons is that you have two sides, red and blue. Each soldier has his name appearing with the colour of his side. Generally, red is synonymous of "IT IS YOUR FREAKING ENNEMY", and there it is not. I had the pleasure of TKing two guys before I understood they were my mates. Well, not really intuitive provided the general rules about colours and sides.

I'm looking forward to playing it tonight, because it was really awesome. Anyone ever played the game ?
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PS3 - Warhawk
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