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 PS3 - Singstar

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PostSubject: PS3 - Singstar   Tue Apr 15, 2008 4:17 pm

Who has never dreamt of becoming a star among stars in the world of singing ?

With Singstar, on PS3, you may have a shot. As a matter of fact, you can choose between 3 levels of difficulties and grab the microphone to sing songs among more than 20 by default. For more songs, you have to go on the Singstore and buy them (in France, 1.49 euro per song). I have already bought 15 songs and I have two microphones. I bought the pack including two microphones.

My friends and I like to spend an evening playing and singing songs. You can sing in duo or alone, or alone against an opponent. At the end of the song, you have a score, based on your performance (did you sing with the right tone ? Did you sing at the right moment ?) and you have your position.

I am not used to sing in front of people or measured in my performance as a singer, but I have to admit that you finally get used to the game and to the "show". Plus, you have the video clips of the songs coming along with the song itself, so you can watch them if you don't want to play.

Only one regret : relatively expensive price range of songs, and you don't have the possibility to disable the original singer's voice while you sing, even if it is not as loud as the original (fortunately).

Hope that helps !
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PS3 - Singstar
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