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 Short Sad Story 1

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PostSubject: Short Sad Story 1   Sat Apr 19, 2008 11:18 am

When a boy and a girl just went out, the boy made 1000 paper cranes for the girl, hanged in the the girl's room.
The boy said that the 1000 paper cranes indicates his 1000 sincerity.

At that time...
The girl and the boy each second always felt how beautiful is the love between the two of them...
But at one time, the girl began to avoid the boy.
The girl decided to marry and went to France... to Paris....
the place that she dream of repeatedly in her dream...
When the girl wanted to severe her bonds with the boy, the girl told the boy,
We must see this world in a mature view...
Marriage for the girl was a second life for her...
I must be able to hold this opportunity well.
You are too poor, really, I will not dare imagine how our life will be after marrying...!!

After the girl went to France, the boy worked hard...
He sold newspapers...
Become a temporary employee...
Open a small business...
He did every work greatly and diligently

After several years...
Because of his friend’s help and the harsh work, finally he had a company.
He has been rich, but his heart was still being directed to the girl, he still couldn’t forget her.
One day... in a rainy day, the boy saw an old couple walking very slow in front of his car.
He recognized them, they were the girl’s parent....
He wanted to be seen by them cause the boy doesn’t only have the personal car, but also had the villa and the company personally, he want them to know, he is not the person they knew who was poor, he is a boss now.

The boy drove his car slowly while following them.
Rain continued to descend without stopping, although the girl’s parents used umbrellas, their bodies are still wet because of rain.
When they arrive at their destination, the boy was surprised by what he had seen in front of his eyes, that was the place of the girl’s funeral.
He saw on the plank of the the girl’s gravestone very sweet smile towards him.
Beside her small grave, there are 1000 paper cranes that were made by the boy.
In rain, the paper cranes seemed like real.
The girl’s parent talk to the boy, the girl did not go to Paris, The girl was attacked by cancer, the girl is in heaven now.
The girl wanted the boy to become successful, have a harmonious family, that’s why she forced him to it. The girl said she really understands the boy, she believes that the boy will definitely be successful.
The girl said, if one day the boy will come to her grave she hope the boy will bring several paper cranes for her again.

The boy fell at the ground, knelt in front of the the girl’s grave, and cried in sadness.
At that time, it felt like the rain will never stop, falliing all over the the boy’s body.
The boy remember the girl’s smile that was so sweet and plain,
Considering all that, his heart began to bleed...
When the girl’s parents left the funeral, they saw the boy opening the door of the car for them.
The sad song was able to be heard from inside the car.

”My heart had not regretted, all of them only for you
1000 paper cranes, my 1000 sincerity,
flew in the wind like the luxuriant star spread in the sky....”

”Beyond the silver lining, could I meet you?
I am not frightened by how long is the distances, only want to run immediately to your side
The past is like a smoke...
Once lost and will never come back...
Increased the yearning in my heart...
Although being looked for, this love for you will never change…”

Original by BlastRanger, Improved by genso19
Thanks Genso!! u r really great Smile

Thank You
Enjoy what you get from here.
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Short Sad Story 1
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