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 Short Sad Story 2

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PostSubject: Short Sad Story 2   Sat Apr 19, 2008 11:59 am

Boy was a person who became blind because of an accident..
Since he became blind..
He felt most foreign from his surrounding..
He felt there are no a single person who want to pay attention or love him..
Through to afterwards was present Girl in his life..
Girl really love and attention to Boy..
She never made an issue of Boy's blindness as a lack..
She seriously loved Boy sincerely...
One day Boy said to Girl..
B: Girl... why you love me so much..?
G: hmmm.. I don't know. I never know the reason why I love u. i only knew, It was straightened from my heart- true sincere loved you Boy.. (smiled)
B: but.. I'm blind.. what could be carried out by me for you..? What could be given by me for you..?
G: Boy.. I did not hope anything from you... you could be cheerful every day and love me sincerely, that has been enough.. I was happy when you felt happy..
B: (be touched) never had a person who loved a blind me like this..
G: (held the Boy's hands while smiling)
B: Girl.. if sometime in the future I could see again.. I will definitely marry you..
Because only you the only one that sincerely love me...
G: really..?
B: Yeah.. I promised..
G: (be touched) thank you Boy.. I really love you...
B: (smiled) yes.. I knew that.. I also really love you Girl..

After a month..
Boy carried out an eyes operation and was successful.. he could see again..
He was then impatient to immediately meet Girl..
So he go looked for Girl...
Until he found her...
How surprised he was when he see that she was a blind girl..
He couldn't take it. he then refused Girl.
He forgot all his promises..
G: Boy.. haven't you promised to marry me..?
B: ummm.... (hesitate) yes indeed I have said so.. but not with your situation like this..
G: How can it be that you denied your personal promise..? Didn't you say only me the only person that love you..?
B: eeeerr... sorry Girl.. but I can't marry a blind girl.. sorry..
Boy then went to leave Girl..
Girl that was disappointed and felt was betrayed..
Choose for suicide..
When she was found died.. there are a letter in her pocket for Boy..

"Dear Boy..."
Indeed, not many could be given by me to you.. not many could be carried out by me for you...
However.. I was seriously love you sincere..
Hope that my two eyes could be useful to you.. could bring obviously and purity in your life..
Sometimes we can't see something only with the eyes.. but also with our heart..
The eyes could cheat.. but the heart will not..
Conscience is always the deepest honesty in living of humankind..

(Translated from Indonesia to English)
Need to be modified cuz i think my grammar is poor

Thank You
Enjoy what you get from here.
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Short Sad Story 2
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